Artist Statement:

I make two distinct bodies of work

1. Multi-media installations to present immersive image, sound, and text-based auto-fiction. In this work the expansive West/Midwestern United States with its system of highways and long-distance car travel are locus points used to present a splintered American memoir that moves back and forth in time.

2. Non-narrative color oriented abstract paintings that are influenced by early modernism, psychedelia, outsider work, and Tibetan and Hindu art

Artists Biography:

Jack Livingston is an artist, educator, critic, curator, and community activist. His writing on arts and culture are regularly published in online and print arts journals. He currently is the producer and editor of the podcast CONVERSATIONS, an ongoing series of interviews with people who have made a significant difference on the arts and culture of the Baltimore region. It appears regularly on, where he is also a contributor and editor.  He is the former executive editor of the print journal RADAR a Review of Arts and Culture, and the founding editor of His new media project is Baltimore Arts Citizen. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Livingston is a multi-media artist. He has had numerous exhibitions of his work in the United States for over thirty-five years.