Artist Statement:

I work in a wide variety of media that are not necessarily interconnected.

In my recent painting and prints I am most interested in improvisation and creating a body of work that deals with the sublime. The sublime does not mean simply beautiful, it is about something more complex. It connotes mystery, seduction, and is by nature poetic.

My work in experimental video subverts and disrupts the properties of high and low cinema and music, and reconstructs appropriated images of iconic pop culture figures alongside images taken from daily life and weaves it into new narratives. The result is a hybrid form of hyperactive fan movie and classic avant-garde art film.

Artists Biography:

Jack Livingston is an artist, educator, critic, curator, and community activist. His writing on arts and culture are regularly published in online and print arts journals. He currently is the producer and editor of the podcast CONVERSATIONS, an ongoing series of interviews with people who have made a significant difference on the arts and culture of the Baltimore region. It appears regularly on, where he is also a contributor and editor.  He is the former executive editor of the print journal RADAR a Review of Arts and Culture, and the founding editor of He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Livingston is a multi-media artist. His influences are many—including but not limited to Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu and Persian painting; modernist abstraction; comic books, German expressionism; contemporary writing, and cinema. He has had numerous exhibitions of his work in the United States for over thirty-five years.